Will you welcome back to Hyde Park

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Ladies and Gentlemen! Will you welcome back to Hyde Park… The Rolling Stones!

It sent shivers through my spine, and still does. Last July, I was in Hyde Park to see the Stones, as one of the best birthday present I ever got. I’d been wanting to write about it for a while now, but words cannot express how happy I was, standing on that grass, after six hours spent burning in London’s summer sun.

Words cannot compete with the few tears I shed when Richards entered the stage and strummed the first chords of Start Me Up. Not (only) because I was at this concert, fifteen metres away from one of my favourite bands, but because I knew that I was here thanks to my family and best friends.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I though I’d share a few pictures I took instead.

Start Me Up.jpg
Start Me Up

Going for a walk.jpg
A little walk around the crowd

Ron Wood and Keith Richards at work

Paint It Black.jpg
Paint It Black

Satisfaction closes the show