Space Pixels

Space Pixels: Rosetta/Philae

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I’ve been working on this small set of pixel art covers/cases/t-shirts for a while now. I’m a big fan of (inter)planetary exploration, so I though I’d pay an homage in my own way —pixels.

I’ve finished four: Mars Exploration Rovers, on Mars for now more than eleven years, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (which HiRise camera provides us with stunning views of Mars landscape), Rosetta/Philae, currently orbiting comet 67P, and Voyager 1, the furthest reaching human-made object to date.

Space Pixels

There’s a few more missions that I plan on adding. I’m thinking Curiosity, Cassini (Saturn system), maybe Mangalyaan and the Chang’e probes. The list is not definitive though, and I’m more than open to suggestions!