New place


I published my first website four and a half years ago. It wasn’t close to being frequently updated, much less to being a blog. And yet, aviaplanet still runs today. From static, hand-edited html files, it went through Wordpress and Jekyll, before I built my own generator. It slowly became my blog. the topics evolved from aviation and model planes to space, technology and music. I’m quite proud of it, even though hopping in the Tardis to read the first entries makes me uneasy.

Yet, a few month from now, I’ll move to Dundee to take a new course of studies in Computer Science. As much as I like aviaplanet, I felt the need to start something new. Aviaplanet isn’t going anywhere soon, but sometimes, I feel too constrained by its initial topics, as if I never fully accepted it becoming a blog and wanted it to keep focused on fifty-centimetre wide planes.

I want somewhere I can write about anything I want to. Where I can write in english (aviaplanet is written in French). Something that would be at my own name. My blog, in fact. is that place. I haven’t yet decided what shape it will take, nor how frequently I will post. but this is a new thing, and I hope I’ll make it work.

So, welcome !