Ghosts in the wild

Ghosts at the DCA

Today, I got to present Ghosts at a Drop In And Play event organised at Dundee Contemporary Arts. The goal was for kids to be able to play games and chat with their developers, should they want to know more about how a game is made.

This motivated me to spend a few days last week making the game a bit more presentable than it was in June —proper full screen, a simple flickering light effect, new sprites— and the new version is available at

Presenting it was amazing. Quite a lot of kids came and played, sometimes many rounds to try to top the high score, and I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than them enjoying a game I made. This event and Global Game Jam make me want to make more games. I might finally start Game a Month again after all. A massive thank-you to DCA and the event’s director, Clive Gillman!