Gamergate has to stop

I love Video Games. I think they’re an incredible way for people to create innovative, beautiful, inclusive stories and universes. This is probably why I’ve always been more keen on “different”, well designed or story-driven games than shooters like Call of Duty.

But I think Video Games need and benefit from criticism. Every other form of media is subject to it. After all, other people’s opinion is how you realise that you’ve done something wrong. How you improve the next time. The last two months have been a nightmare for video games, and this is an understatement.

Two persons that I admire, that I look up to, have been chased from their homes by death and rape threats. Brianna Wu for trying to reach out to the “leaders” of GamerGate and retweeting a meme. Anita Sarkeesian for advocating gender equality in games. Three conferences where she was scheduled to speak received bomb threats. She had to cancel a talk at Utah State University because someone promised a mass shooting otherwise. Women have been bullied and harassed to the point some of them left the industry altogether.

This cannot go on. Even though they’re trying to mask their cause as a “concern for ethics in video games journalism”, GamerGate started as a harassment campaign on developer Zoe Quinn, and did not change since. This movement is nothing but a disgusting war on women in video games. They threaten, insult and harass anyone who opposes to them, hunting down people they call Social Justice Warriors1.

GamerGate needs to stop now. It has never been about ethics, and will never be. If someone is destroying video games right now it’s them, not the people asking for more diversity.

  1. I still don’t understand how someone can think their cause is legitimate when they consider advocating for equality and diversity an insult