Doctor Who?

Doctor Who.jpg

You may be a doctor, but I am The Doctor. The definite article, you might say.

Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)

I started watching Doctor Who barely one year ago. Someone had told me it was good, but I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, after the first episode. Rose, the first one of the “new” series. But I was bored at that time, and hit play on the second episode.

I had never really been into Science Fiction: except Star Wars and Back To The Future, I had never watched any Sci-Fi show or movie. And when I played the second episode, my first reaction was probably something in the lines of “Eww. Aliens.”

But there was something. The special effects of the first 2005 series are bad. Those of the Classic series can be even worse. But the more you go on watching it, the less it matters.

Because the Doctor, that lonely man travelling through time and space, is going to make you travel. For the first time with any TV show, I laughed, I cried, I curled with a cup of tea, waiting to know if the Doctor would get rid of the Daleks.

But Doctor who is so much more. For me, it’s also all the wonderful people I met and got to know, that share the same passion. It’s running in front of the computer or the telly a minute before it starts. That title sequence, that I found annoying at first, and that now plays all the time on my iTunes. It’s the long discussions about who’s the best Doctor, how he managed to escape that enemy, this paradox.

Doctor Who is much more than a Science Fiction show. It’s a fairy tale, the adventures through time and space of a wonderful, lonely, attaching man, The Doctor, and all his friends. And today, Doctor Who is fifty. Fifty years ago, the people watching the BBC got to hear the sound of the Tardis for the first time. Today, we’ll get to hear it on a big screen. Happy birthday, Doctor, and thanks for all the good times.

image © BBC