Falcon 9 coming in Images in public domain, by SpaceX

I was crossing all ten fingers yesterday night when the first stage of Falcon 9 came into view. By the time it touched down and the engine turned off, I was jumping on the spot (and maybe crying a little). I’d missed their first landing in December, and that tall, skinny stage aiming for an autonomous barge just looks straight out of Science Fiction. I think what’s most impressive about this launch and landing is that SpaceX made it look effort-less, which it definitely can’t have been. Congratulations to every person that spent months making it work!

Falcon 9, on a boat

According to Elon Musk during the press conference after the launch (and landing), this stage will be test-fired around ten times. If that goes well, then it’ll go through qualification to hopefully fly on a new orbital mission in June. Reusability is not a done deal yet, but yesterday’s landing felt like a historic moment.

Watch the replay of the launch, and the landing in 4K resolution