2015 has been pretty crazy. I’ve stalled a bit lately when it comes to creative stuff, so I thought it would be a good idea to look back on things I’ve done and seen this past year (the idea came from Susan Lin’s very similar post).

This is a bit less formal than I usually post here, but that’s one thing I really want to do in 2016: use this blog more often, without having to (badly) write long pieces every time: I want to be able to use it more as a log than a place to post nice writing — which I won’t stop posting when I feel like it. Happy New Year!


  • Global Game Jam 2015 with super good friends
  • Showed Ghosts to a public for the first time


  • Learned about assembly language, vintage computer design
  • Learned about virtual machine programming


  • Saw my first proper solar eclipse


  • Visited Broughty Ferry and walked (a lot) around Dundee
  • Discovered the NES and the first Mario games, 30 years late


  • Moved in my new flat
  • Made Gravity Pong


  • Published Lightspeed Game’s website
  • Re-wrote my first game engine
  • Went back home for a week


  • Showed a game (Ghosts) at Dare’s Indie Festival
  • Made my first game sale!
  • Visited Stirling


  • We won a Game Jam (!)
  • Started working as a teaching assistant and loved it


  • AGDS jam, with a reduced team
  • Started recording covers of Marina And The Diamonds


  • Finally saw Marina And The Diamonds in concert
  • Presented our first game at the DCA with PixelSpark
  • Finally wrapped my brain around the concept of PID controllers


  • SpaceX stuck a first-stage landing
  • Saw Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
  • Seriously, Star Wars (three times, still not over it)
  • Got to travel and see my Sister, Dad and Stepmum for the first time in a year.