Amy parent speaking at PKN22 Dundee
Image © Kathrin Rattray/Creative Dundee

Last Tuesday, Creative Dundee invited me to speak at Pecha Kucha Night volume 22. I decided to talk about my transition, and how learning to play roller derby with the wonderful people from DRD has helped me accept myself. The talk felt too personal to use powerpoint (and I didn’t really have the pictures I wanted to illustrate what I was saying) so I drew my slides instead. It was really fun to take a bunch of hours doing nothing but art for once, and I’m really proud of how the slides (and the talk!) turned out.

PKN22, slides 5 to 8

I used a mix of physical and digital techniques, which was a first for me: I drew the linearts with pencil and then marker pen on paper, then photographed them, burnt the exposure to make sure the whites were white, and then coloured everything using my old Wacom tablet and Pixelmator Pro. I’ve made a collage of the slides below, you can download the full images there, and I’ll add the video of the talk once it’s available online

PKN22, slides 1 to 4

PKN22, slides 5 to 8

PKN22, slides 9 to 12

PKN22, slides 13 to 16

PKN22, slides 17 to 20