SLAP. Because this plan SLAPs. Or 26 is as good a time as any to have a quarter-life crisis and rethink my priorities I guess?

Short(ish) term

  • Apply and (fingers crossed) obtain EU settled status in the UK
  • Finish that darn PhD (with which I have a love-hate-hate relationship)
  • Learn to love roller derby again
  • Go see Garbage live (hey, small victories)
  • Start writing again. Fiction, non-fiction, here.

Medium term

  • Find a job (or postdoc, maybe?) hopefully programming or in aerospace
  • Move to Glasgow (for the queer community and the general atmosphere)
  • Find a place I actually love and make it mine (all the plants 🌱)
  • Start saving (never too late to start right?)

Long term

  • Get Scottish citizenship (within or out of the UK)
  • Open a cute, queer coffee shop/snack place/workspace. Run it. (code/do research in my spare time)
  • Buy (?) my own place.
  • Skate for Team Scotland Roller Derby (I never said it had to be realistic)
  • Adopt or foster

It’s a bit strange how sudden but also how right this felt when it popped in my head and I decided to write it down. If you’d asked me a year ago I’d have never ever thought space or programming wouldn’t be my long term career goal, but this feels so much more right. So much more me. Not that I’ll ever stop writing code, making games and hopefully research space on my spare time. But the idea of running a queer place that I can be proud of makes me dream 1,000% more than writing code for a boss my entire life.